Munnar or Thekkady: Which is better Getaway for vacation?

Kerela State is known as “God’s Own Country”, it is a haven for people who love nature and are adventure junky. It holds two destination gems , which often the included in a debate of whether Munnar or Thekkady is popular among tourists, but which one is the best? In this blog post, we’ll find out what makes these travel destinations different from each other, what makes each of these destination unique that will help you decide which one is the best location for your next travel.

The Alluring Beauty of Munnar

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Munnar a beautiful scenic place located in the Western Ghats, known for a peaceful place among nature lovers. Munnar is also known as one of the most picturesque town as reported by Times of India. Munnar is a gorgeous location that has been blessed by mother nature due to its abundance in lushy green grooves and wavy hills with variety of tea plantations.

This misty valley invites diverse people from various background to enjoy its cool climate which is known best as a getaway from the bustle and noise pollution of the city. The main attractions of Munnar include Anamundi Peak and Eravikulam national Park that sits at height of 2695 meter, the tallest peak known in south India. It is suggested to those who seek nature and adventure. It is home to the largely endangered species, Nilgiri tahr.

It also includes gorgeous parade of Asian elephants, Bengal tigers, Giant Grizzled Squirrel, Hanuman Langur, Sloth Bear, Indian Bison and the Nilgiri marten. Anamundi Peak and Eravikulam National Park is a perfect location for wildlife photographers to capture beautiful animals at their peak within their natural home.

The place boasts of diverse magnificent Flora and Fauna, bamboos and teak trees surrounding the evergreen forests along with shimmery crystal clear rivers flowing through the valley. Due to its natural surrounding, it has become a picnic and trekking hub for tourists residents alike.

The Appealing Charm of Thekkady

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Theakkdy, on the other hand , is known for its diverse spice plantations and plentiful wildlife. Periyar Wildlife Sactuary is the main hub in Thekkady, giving visitors a glimpse of wild animals such tigers,nilgai (Indian antelope), bonnet monkeys, sloth bears, leopards, barking deer, great Indian hornbills, kingfishers, jungle fowl and southern grackles.

The Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary has a lake which offers tourists a one in a lifetime opportunity of bamboo boating on the Serene Periyar Lake also known as Thekkady Lake. The lake is spread at an area of 26 square kilometers making it a location for a wonderful boating experience whilst sight seeing different spices of water birds.

Along with wildlife, Thekkady offers beautiful sight seeing of its ample spice plantations, known as the land of spices it offers glimpses of harvesting and cultivation of spices namely Black pepper, Cloves, Green cardamom, Cinnamon and various medicinal plants. The spices grown here are of spectacular quality due to Thekkady’s cooling climate and fertile land. There are tours which offer visitors to lean about the harvesting of these spices through a on-hand experience, enabling them to educate themselves on these spices, how its grown and differentiating the aromas of these spices.

The Local Culture and Accommodations

Munnar or Thekkady homestays
A Homestay in Munnar

Both Munnar and Thekkady offer wide range of accommodations that are well suited for visitors with certain preferences and budgets. These accommodations range from luxury suits with spectacular views of the lushy green hills to Comfy homestays nestled in the woods, there’s something for everyone.

In term of the local culture, visitors are able to notice that both Thekkady and Munnar have different exotic flavors to offer. Munnar’s food is heavily influenced by Local indigenous tribes of Kerela and Pre-British Colonial settlements, meanwhile Thekkady takes its influence from Tamil Nadu and Kerala since it is located on the border of Kerala.

Both the regions celebrate multiple festivals throughout the year, giving visitors an extraordinary insight into the lives, history, culture and traditions of the region. Munnar region is known to celebrate Onam in a grand manner by painting the town in Keralite cultural vibrancy, and Thekkady is known to celebrate, Chitra Pournami, a significant festival that serves as a rich cultural blend.

Adventure and Activities to do in Munnar and Thekkady

As an adventure junky with adreneline pumping, both the places Munnar and Thekkady serve a bunch of activities that would be to your liking. In Munnar, you can go for Chokramudi Trekking that will allow you to have a first hand experience witnessing the beautiful sunrise on the Beautiful Hills of Munnar, head to gorgeous waterfalls soaked in the natural green plantations, or have first try at rock climbing.

Thekkady, on the other hand, offers visitors with jungle walks, Bamboo rafting at Periyar Lake, Jungle safari or an adventurous journey in the jungle at a jungle night trekking to get a feeling of wilderness. If you’re loookking to have a bit of relaxed vacation , both the destination do you good. You can drive through the scenic natural beauty of Munnar and Thekkady, or simply relax and adore the nature at its best.

The Verdict

So, time for the verdict, which is better – Munnar or Thekkady? The honest truth is , it is hard to choose among both of these beautiful places. Both Munnar and Thekkady offer unique experiences which give off a different experience and perspective to the visitors. If you prefer peace and natural tranquil around you, Munnar might be the better choice for you. But if you’re a person who prefers adventure and wildlife, Thekkaday could be your go-to paradise.

In the end, the best to decide which place is better? Is to go both the places and experience it yourself first-hand. And while you’re at it, maybe find some hidden gems of Kerela which are still uncovered by travelers and tourists. From the backwaters of Alleppey to the beaches of Kovalem, Kerala has a a lot to offer.

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