Mother India: The impact of an Iconic movies on Bollywood

Bollywood is widely acclaimed around the globe and has undergone various changes over the decades, rising from its quiet and humble origins to transform into a global force in the cinematic industry.

From the emotional masterpieces of the 1950s era to the more realistic narratives ubiquitous today, each era has left an unforgettable mark on the cinematic industry of India. As social benchmarks outgrew and technological advancements progressed, Bollywood embraced the change. The beginning of something new changed Bollywood for years to come.

Importance of Iconic movies in shaping Bollywood’s Identity and influencing future generations

Cinema has a huge power within its grasp to change the way people think and to bring in necessary changes among them. Cinema produces movies that become the invisible line between reality and fantasy. Iconic movies have influenced the societal norms, psychological and cultural changes into our daily lifestyle.

Since the very beginning of mankind, we have been the curious animal which makes us delve into a subject more than required, a trait which allowed us to discover cinema. Cinema gave birth to Bollywood in 1950s, and since then it has produced iconic movies which have dug into various subjects, which gave impacted our beliefs, values and behavior. In this article, we will discuss on the iconic movies of each decade and its influence on the future generations.

Overview of the first Iconic movie

1950s – Mother India, The first iconic movie released in 1957, which moved people’s emotion. Mother India is a movie which contextualized the socio-cultural scenarios of India post independence. Directed by Mehboob Khan, this adventurous- musical epic movie has such an impact on the foreign cinema , that resulted it in becoming the first Indian film to be nominated for an Academy Award for the “Best Foreign Film”.

The Iconic movie plot- Mother India (1957)

Mother India was converted to a musical adaptation from the original version 17 years priorly known as (Aurat) which was also directed by the legendary Mehboob Khan. The plot of the movie follows the lead character of Radha played by actress Nargis Dutt, who lends her help to her husband (Raaj) in order to pay off the debt to the evil moneylender ( Kanhiayalal).

The movie focus on Radha, the main character who fights starvation, poverty and debt after her husband abandons her and their children. It shows the will-power and determination of a mother to feed and support her family even when stuck in the eye of the storm.

Benchmark for Bollywood

Through out the battle of Radha with the storm within the movie, we can notice full fledged Bollywood dance numbers across the green farmland of India. It is said that director Mehboob Khan had to use an extravagantly large area of farmland equaling to 500 acres, along with the usage of 300 bullock carts and 200 farms in the back drop to be featured in the film. It is said to be one of the most expensive film made in the Indian cinematic history which further became a benchmark for future movies to come.

Cultural impact

The Movie was widely acclaimed on the International platform, Mother India had received the Filmfare Award for Best film. Nargis Dutt who played the character of Radha received praises for playing such a compelling and influential role.

Mother India, played a very significant role in giving a sense of Identity in its early stages of Post Independence, the film was able to convey the message of nationalism among the young Indian Patriots.

Impact on Bollywood

Mother India was released in the year 1957, which was attended by the India’s president and prime minister during that time, which created a statement to all the Indians and the importance of Bollywood’s cinematic heritage. Mother India has left a great gift to the cinematic industry, a brief instruction of how a well-created movie can movie a nation with its art.

The film’s powerful performances, strong emotional feelings of nationalism which reverberate through out ever household in the nation with a powerful mother residing in it. The film has created a historical chapter in the cinematic heritage which will continue to influence the Indian films for the upcoming 5 decades.

Mother India, an iconic movie released in 1957, played a significant role in shaping Bollywood and the Indian cinematic industry. It provided a sense of identity and nationalism during the early stages of post-independence India. The film’s impact was evident, as it was attended by the country’s president and prime minister, solidifying its importance in Bollywood’s history. Mother India’s powerful performances and emotional portrayal of nationalism continue to resonate with audiences, leaving a lasting legacy that influences Indian films to this day.

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