Madgaon Express latest review: A Hilarious Prescription for Laughter

WriterKunal Khemu
DirectorKunal Khemu
Duration144 minutes
CastAvinash Tiwary, Nora Fatehi, Divyennd, Pratik Gandhi, Upendra Limaye, and Chhaya Kadam
Information about newly released movie “Madgaon express”

You might often complain about how some movies are so terrible that it ruins your entire day but believe me this might be one of the movie that would recommend to everyone who needs a laughter pill. This is a special prescription delivered by Kunal Khemu, who is doing his directorial debut for this comedy drama movie. This movie takes on an epic journey of humor, which can be seen through out the movie there are certain scenarios which are showcase the humor such as a Don whose name is Mendoza who is often called different female names such as Madelin and Mongola.

The movie is a comic caper that stands on its promise of a well written story with incredible amount of laughter, it is extremely well written has an amazing screenplay and every individual character stands out. “Madgaon Express” has received amazing reviews from majority of the film produce throughout the cinematic industry of India and the audience has responded in very favorable note towards this movie.

Hum Sath Sath Hai

The film revolves around three childhood friends, just like any other childhood friends (Ayush, Pinku and Dodo) these three friends also had a dream of going to Goa which was left incomplete. The three friends grow up in different places. Ayush moves to New York, Pinku shifts to Cape Town with his family mean while his third friend whose name is Dodo works as a simple pizza delivery boy in Mumbai.

The three friends eventually end up getting reconnected on social media which allows them to fulfill their past desire of going to Goa, which they had left incomplete in there school days. It also allows them to know each other and accept for who they are. 3 of the friends are totally different from each other with each of them carrying a different flaw. Dodo who can find out different ways to fix anything but in turn causes more problem than fix it. Pinku on the other hand is a short tempered Gujarati man who goes crazy on each and everything and the third friend, Aayush probably the only sane one in their group and who is also cool headed.

along with this three friends there are three crazy characters for also added along with them in “Madgaon Express” at drug dealer whose name is Mendoza, smuggler Kanchan Kombd, and Tasha.

Round of Applause

Kunal Khemu has done of an fantabulous is job on creating this movie. His directorial debut has done wonders for him on the first film as he deserves a round of applause for getting this one extremely perfect in terms of comedy and story line.

In the Indian Film Industry often scene that the box office is compared to the popularity of the stars involved in the movie. But this movie definitely shows that talent over popularity can work in theaters. Khemu has always been known as one of the best actors of Hollywood was always delivered exceptional acting in whichever roles he was put in.

This movie for the shows his sensibility as a director and writer, for now we definitely know this is not an end to a history in making as there is a lot more to see from him.