Mackenzie Philips and her affair with dark side dad

One of the worst thing imaginable that can happen to a women is getting raped, and something which is far more horrific is getting raped by your own dad at night before your wedding.

Mackenzie Philips affair phase:

A picture in which Mackenzie Philips and her dad her hugging each other in a photo
SUMMIT, NJ – DECEMBER 1: John and Mackenzie Phillips pose for a photograph December 1, 1980 while in drug rehab at Fair Oaks Hospital in Summit, New Jersey. (Photo by Yvonne Hemsey/Getty Images)

Mackenzie Philips had gone through a horrific and terrible phase when she was raped by her dad on her wedding night forcefully. Mackenzie was was only 19 years old at that time, before she was about to marry Jeff Sessler. After which Mackenzie had struggled for years through drug addiction, during this phase she had found her self having a consensual sex affair with her dad.

Mackenzie Philips had shared various details of her sexual affair with her dad in her autobiography “High On Arrival”. She mentioned that they had stopped having sex only when her dad had found out the she was pregnant with his child. Her dad had stopped touching her or having any kind of intimacy right after her abortion.

Forgiveness from Mackenzie Philips:

Mackenzie Philips along with her dad during an interview at a show

Mackenzie had mentioned that during her pregnancy, she was unable to figure out whether her dad was her ” father” or her “husband”.

Mackenzie had even mentioned, “Dad was something else,” Mackenzie said. “And I get a lot of criticism and a lot of trolling online for having forgiveness in my heart. Forgiveness because forgiving is for me, not for the other person.”

Chyna Philips mentions the dark side of her dad:

Chyna Philips along with Mackenzie Philips in an interview in Chyna's YouTube channel

Chyna Philips, the sister of Mackenzie had claimed that her dad who was her most favorite and the best person in the world had one more side in him which was very dark in nature. She mentioned that she used love his laugh but he had a whole different kind of monster which was inside of him.

Chyna Philips had mentioned, “He was so dark, and you just didn’t know who you were going to get, right? It was very unpredictable.”

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