Kulhad Pizza Couple’s latest romantic viral video in Dubai

Kulhad Pizza Couple is back again yet with another viral video but this time its not the one that got them in trouble but rather a romantic viral video of them enjoying in Dubai.

Kulhad Pizza Couple in Dubai
Kulhad Pizza Couple in Dubai

Kulhad Pizza Couple’s video goes viral again

Kulhad Pizza Couple who was last seen in a controversial headlines is now back again with another controversy headline, but this time it is all the more for a very good reason. The good reason is that the Kulhad Pizza Couple’s video is going viral on Instagram reels where they are seen enjoying their romantic summer vacation in Dubai.

The couple , Sehaj Arora and Gurpreet Kaur were seen sharing multiple reels on various occasions were they danced to their hearts without caring about any eyes on them. Their beautiful video in which they romanticize in front of a fountain, that has waterfall drop at the back is getting plenty of likes and heart emoji comments from followers .

Who are the Kulhad Pizza Couple?

For many of those who are wondering who these couple are, they are Sehaj Arora and Gurpreet Kaur, Husband and wife who created the famous Kulhad pizza in Jalandhar, Punjab. The couple shot to fame over night when they were interviewed by bunch of YouTube food vloggers including Harry Uppal a famous Punjabi food vlogger, who introduced their audience to the kulhad pizza couple’s innovative way of serving a healthy pizza in a kulhad ( known as clay pots).

The Couple has come in previous controversies as well, the couple had a the worst phase of their life when their private X-rated video was leaked out in various social media platforms causing a stir among followers and their customers alike. Initially the couple told told the video which was leaked out in the public was an AI generated video. After some time, the couple came forward with the name of perpetrator who got his hand on their private video. As a apart of taking revenge and trying to demand a ransom of 20000 rupees from the Kulhad pizza couple, the perpetrator leaked the video on to multiple x-rated platforms as well as social media.

The Couple Sehaj Arora and Gurpreet Kaur received another backlash from followers and fans on various social media platforms when they were seen brandishing Guns on their Instagram videos. After much controversy, the Kulhad Pizza Couple explained to their fans and the audience, they were holding a toy gun and they do not a part nor will be part of promoting gun culture or influence anything closely related towards it.

Kulhad Pizza Couple Dances on Pushpa’s theme song

Sehaj and Gurpreet seen dancing on Pushpa 2 song/ Instagram

In another video shared earlier by the couple Sehaj and Gurpreet was them dancing to the popular theme song of Pushpa an Allu Arjun starrer. With the excitement of the much anticipated movie Pushpa 2: The Rule. The Kulhad Pizza couple decide to crazy by making a reel on it by doing the signature step which had left their followers stunned.

Seems like all his well in the life of Sehaj and Gurpreet and that the sad phase is long gone from their life. The latest video also showed some fans supporting and showing them love while some showcased a brief expression on their previous controversy. It is never easy for couples to forget phases such as this but it looks like the couple has had much needed support from family, friends and close ones which has helped them recover and bring the smile on their faces.

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