Kriti Sanon Introduces New Acne Care Range from Hyphen

Kriti Sanon launched her skin care brand Hyphen on July 27, 2023. She uploaded a recent video on Instagram, Kriti Sanon introduces new acne care range products of Hyphen.

Kriti Sanon Introduces New Acne care range
Image: Instagram/ Kriti Sanon

Kriti Sanon who is a popular celebrity of Bollywood and initially began her career in Indian Film industry with a debut in Tiger Shroff starrer “Heropanti”. She has come along way and few months back she introduced her skin care brand called Hyphen. Kriti Sanon is the Chief Customer Officer and Co-founder of Hyphen. The brand Hyphen came to life from a passion in skin care and a curious mind to improve the skin without usage of harmful chemicals.

New Acne Care products introduced by Kriti Sanon

Instagram: Kritisanon/Hyphen

In the video posted by Kriti Sanon, she explains about the 3 new products, which has already received more than 22000 likes on the post. Firstly, there is change in color of the product, from the regular light olive green to a baby blue color, a switch in color contrast to make it more appealing to the customers. The Acne Care range includes Acne Defence Daily Serum, Acne Fix Spot Corrector, and Clarifying Acne Cleanser. Each of these products can help achieve different targets.

Acne Defence Daily Serum

The Acne Defence Daily Serum is made with an anti-microbial formula that treats acne flare-ups, and helps to have a clear and calm skin as told by Hyphen. It helps solve the problem of acne, excess sebum, breakouts and skin irritation. The product is known too ideal for Oily Skin, Acne Prone Skin and skin that are based on both oily and acne prone. It especially has Salicylic acid that helps in reducing acne and acne scares by gently exfoliating the skin.

It includes Salicylic acid, azelaic acid, niacinamide and tea tree extract.

Acne Fix Spot Corrector

The Acne Fix Spot Corrector helps in shrinking the current acne on the skin along with also aiding in reducing the production of new acne on face. The Acne fix spot corrector helps in soothing the skin and particularly helps reduce dark acne scars and hyperpigmentation. It also helps in reduced the redness of skin which is often caused by acne outbreak. The slight green tint in the cream helps conceal the redness.

It includes Tea tree oil, ginger extract, salicylic acid, and azelaic acid.

Clarifying Acne Cleanser

The clarifying acne cleanser is more like a precautionary cream that helps your skin from acne breakout. The cleanser has a non-dry foaming gel structure that helps to remove excess oil and dirt. It also helps in controlling the production of oil beneath the skin which can wreak a havoc on your skin and its overall appearance alongside naturally hydrating the skin without excessively removing the natural oils of the skin.

It includes salicylic acid, zinc pca, witch hazel, and biosaccharides.

Continuous growth of Kriti Sanon backed- Hyphen

Kriti Sanon introduces new acne care range products
Source: Peepbuzz/Uber Suggest

The brand Hyphen which is backed by Kriti Sanon is planning to reach the target of 1 crore Customers within 12 months, therefore she takes active part in the promotion of the beauty and skin care brand Hyphen, along with trying to solve any queries by customers on social media platforms. She often is seen promoting her “Ask Me Anything” sessions which help her understand the demand of her potential and existing customers of Hyphen.

Hyphen has also expanded itself well as it currently attracts customers from social media, affiliates as well as it’s own website which gets a traffic of about 42000 users every month as per Uber Suggest.

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