Kriti Sanon Boyfriend spotted: Holding hands in London

Kriti Sanon Walking on left holding hands of her rumored Boyfriend
Kriti Sanon Boyfriend spotted in London

Kriti is a rising superstar in the world of Bollywood, From her initial humble beginnings, she has come a long way, and almost every fan of her is interested in her private life. Kriti Sanon recently got wide acclamation for her performance in the Hindi language film “Teri Baaton Mein Aisa Uljha Jiya“. She has also been quite busy with her personal cosmetic brand “Hyphen“. But after all at the end of the day what we surely need is some love from our closed ones. A rare picture was put online in public in the online thread platform of Reddit, which has taken the Internet by Storm as people are wondering who exactly is Kriti Sanon’s Boyfriend. Is he someone from Bollywood, is he her close friend or a childhood friend.

Kriti Sanon Boyfriend Info ( Kabir Bahia)

Initially Kriti Sanon was rumored to be dating Sushant Singh Rajput for quite some time finally which came to a halt and they broke up. With these pictures we can definitely say that something is cooking between Kriti Sanon and a UK based entrepreneur Kabir Bahia, Kabhir Bahia is a close relative of Sakshi Dhoni.

Kabir Bahia is the Managing Director of Worldwide Aviation and Tourism, who has completed his Business Administration from Millfield School and Business Management and related Support services from Regent’s University of London.

Reddit on Kriti Sanon Boyfriend

There has been a mixed emotion on this viral pictures online as some think that the beloved Bollywood actress is helping a blind man as a support while some are wondering who he exactly is taking in consideration of his tall height.

Kriti Sanon Boyfriend thread
reddit thread comments on Kriti Sanon Boyfriend

Some of the Reddit users even mentioned that this post might be going viral on Pink Villa from this thread.

Kriti Sanon Boyfriend thread 2
Comments being made on Reddit on Kriti Sanon Boyfriend

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