Kristina Ozturk: The 26 year old who has 22 babies

Meet Kristina Ozturk, a 26-year-old Russian lady who has 22 babies and wants to have more than 100 babies.

Kristina Ozturk lives in Georgia and was a former stripper before she met businessman millionaire husband Galip Ozturk who is the owner of Metro Turizm. She had a child from her previous relationship but after meeting Galip, Kristina decided to have more than 105 babies through surrogacy.

Kristina Ozturk has spent more than 168,000 euros on surrogacy and spends more than 90,000 euros a year for her 16 live-in nannies.

Kristina Ozturk with her 22 children at her home
Kristina with her 22 children

Unfortunately, Kristina Ozturk’s plan didn’t go too well after her husband was arrested on a case of money laundering which left her hanging in the middle. Galip was also convicted of a murder case back in 1996 the court had ordered life imprisonment but he had already fled to Turkey in 2018.

Kristina who now has 22 babies is stuck alone and is concerned about her future and her babies’ future.

According to sources, Kristina states that it has been quite difficult for her to handle the babies all alone as she is quite used to her husband being home with her all the time. She was very much used to Galip being around her as he had worked from home for the last few years.

An image of Kristina Ozturk with her millionaire husband Galip
Kristina with Galip

Kristina Ozturk also explains that handling the babies has kept her very busy and that each day is new to her. From planning the nannies’ schedules to shopping essentials for the babies keeps her busy on her regular days. Kristina also shares her busy life schedule on her Instagram account where she has more than 250k followers.

Galip and Kristina Ozturk had planned to go for surrogacy as they thought this would be the most fastest way to have as many children as possible.

Kristina also mentions that her elder daughter often helps her to take care of the babies as she herself didn’t expect it to be troublesome taking care of so many babies at once.

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