Kataldhar Waterfall: Trek, Location and How to reach

Kataldhar waterfall with water flowing from great heights during monsoon
Kataldhar Waterfall

Are you an adventure traveler, a nature enthusiast or trekker looking to explore the least known gem of India? Don’t worry no more as Kataldhar Waterfall has you covered by being one of the most extraordinary falls located after a thorough trek through the dense jungle located near Lonavala. Kataldhar Waterfall is a mesmerizing cascade located at center of the heart of Maharashtra, making it one of the most sought after place for those who prefer unforgettable experience rather than just sleeping at home.

In this travel article today we will discuss and guide you through everything you need to know about trekking to Kataldhar Waterfall, from the preparation for the trek to the awe-inspiring sights you will encounter during and after your trek to the falls.

Kataldhar Waterfall Lonavala: A Unique Gift from Nature

Kataldhar Waterfall is a one of the least known gems that is located in Ulhas Valley (near Rajmachi Fort) in Lonavala in the state of Maharashtra. It is known for awe-striking water flow during the monsoon season’s peak. It is at a stupendous height of about 350 feet (106 meters). Lonavala is a one of the most popular destinations for friends and families for a quick weekend getaway.

It is also home to plethora of waterfalls located within its range. Many travelers and tourists from near-by states and outside India come to just have a glimpse of these majestic beauties from their own eyes. Kalaldhar Waterfall being one of them, is much more hidden than the regular commercialized and crowded waterfalls located near Lonavala.

The reason for this waterfall to be less crowded is because of its long trek through a dense jungle/forest, one has to endure before reaching the beautiful destination known as Katladhar Falls.The interesting fact about this waterfall is that water is not available during the entire year and is only worth the view during the monsoon season. To reach this beautiful location you have to go through an extensive trek so be ready.

The Trek to Kataldhar Waterfall: A Simple Guide

The Difficult Rate

For the community of trekkers who wish to go on a rewarding trek, Kataldhar Waterfall journey is the ones that has to be on your hiking list. The trek is known to be moderately difficult , that requires a good level of fitness and definitely some trek experience would be beneficial in this trek. The reason being that the trek towards the waterfall is more on on a downward slope, and the return being a steady upward passage through the dense jungle and wet muddy terrain making it a hefty tiring walk requiring a good amount of stamina.

One of the main reason for this trek to be known as somewhat difficult is due to the reason of a person easily getting lost within the dense jungle. This jungle doesn’t receive much of the sunlight due to the thick forest making it hard for some to figure out the right directions to the Kataldhar Fall, making it a slightly hard trek. Over the years the people have gotten used to this trek and move in groups making it moderate difficult trek that requires stamina to go and come back form this extensive hike.

Time required to reach the Kataldhar Fall

This Hiking trip takes approximately 1 hour 30 minutes to reach since it is a downward slope walk from the Two Mango trees location meanwhile the return can take you anywhere from 2 hours to 2 hours 30 minutes depending on your pace of walk on the upward climb. Many people often spend a time of 1 to 3 hours in the Kataldhar Waterfall exploring and taking memorable pictures to showoff and post on Instagram, which in total can cost you a total of 6 to 7 hours to this Kataldhar Waterfall Trek.

What to carry during Kataldhar Waterfall trek?

It is recommended to carry essentials such as first aid kit, Swiss army knife, snacks, and most importantly water as a precautionary measure. Other then that, food stalls and small shops have developed near the Kataldhar Waterfalls as well through the route making it easy to grab a snack if you get hungry during the tiring journey.

You can find small shops and food stall serving hot food during the monsoon season as well near Kune Falls – Rajmachi road, which is known as the Fanasrai Village ( comes along the passage of Trek to Rajmachi which is 100 meters away from the original point of Kataldhar Waterfalls Trek) You can also get food at Hotel Teena which is nearby to the Fanasrai Village.

What to wear for the Kataldhar Trek?

It is advisable to wear full sleeves and track pants to avoid mosquito bites as there will be alot during the high monsoon season. It is also suggested to wear hiking boots or any shoes that have a good grip on various surfaces as it can be a slippery pathway towards the Kataldhar Waterfall Trek especially once you reach the waterfalls and try to get towards the base of it.

Note: It is advised to not venture into the base of the waterfalls during the peak monsoon season aas the flow of water keep changing and it can be very dangerous especially due to the slippery boulders that are on the stepping stones to get to the base of the waterfall.

Map showing small snack shops near the Kataldhar waterfall trek
Places to get snacks and food during Kataldhar Waterfall Trek

How to reach Kataldhar Waterfall?

Lonavala Railway Station is the closest railway station that is nearest to the Kataldhar Waterfall Trek point. The trek point is located between Lonavala and trek to Rajmachi Village. Meanwhile, the distance from Lonavala to Kataldhar Waterfalls is 10.7 kilometers. If you are fit person and have time on your hand, instead of taking any transportation you can walk up till the Upper Deck resort.

Upper Deck Resort Lonavala Route

Map showing the pathway from Upper Deck resort to kataldhar trek point
Walk from Upper Deck Resort to Kataldhra Trek Route/ Kataldhar Trek Point

You can always walk from the Resort on the passage that leads to the Rajmachi village which starts off as a curved path finally leading to a much more smooth terrain on the way you will also find a snacks corner and Giri Waterfall. A slight walk more and you will reach the starting point of Kataldhar Waterfall trek.

The walk from Upper Deck Resort to Kataldhar Trek point is 2.9 kilometer which can take about 35 to 45 minutes walk to reach the initial point.

Della Adventure Park Lonawala Route

Map showing the pathway from Della Adventure park to Kataldhar trek point

You can take another route, often taken by bikers is to take a walk or ride the bike from Della Adventure Park to Kataldhar Trek point via Trek to Rajmachi Village which is 5.1 kilometers and take you about 15- 20 minutes by bike and about 1 hour to 1 hour 15 minutes by walk.

This passage leads from landmarks such as Valencia Club Lonavala, Mini Munnar, and Surana Resort Lonavala.

Taxi/ Shared Sumo Taxi from Lonavala Railway Station

If you don’t have own transportation then you can either take a taxi or a shared Sumo taxi. The private taxi cab can charge you around Rs 800- Rs 1000. You can easily avail shared sumo taxi which cost you Rs 100 per person, that is much more affordable and available during the monsoon season.

What is the Best Time to visit Kataldhar Waterfall?

If you are a nature enthusiast and a regular hiker who enjoy the adventurous treks in the jungle then Kataldhar Trek can be visited during anytime of the year. But if you are visiting to witness the majestic Kataldhar Waterfalls then it is suggested to visit the waterfalls during the peak monsoon season in Maharashtra which takes place from Mid-June to September.

Nearby Waterfalls from Kataldhar Waterfall Trek

There are other waterfalls that are near the Kataldhar Waterfall trek such as Giri Waterfall, Kalyan’s Water Falls, Invent Waterfall, Kune Waterfall and an unnamed small waterfall which is behind the Fanasrai Village.

Why you should go visit Kataldhar Waterfall?

Kataldhar Waterfall is one of the most unique wonders of nature that only few get to experience in their life, you are travel and nature enthusiast or a person who is fascinated by taking awe-striking pictures then this is the place to be at.

This waterfall has been sought after by many hikers and will undoubtedly provide you with the most memorable experience, so what are you waiting for, prepare for the monsoon and visit this beautiful creation by nature first-hand.

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