Kaiju No. 8 release dates: 12 Episodes expected

Kaiju No 8 release dates
A still from “the man who became a Kaiju”

After a long wait the Kaiju No.8 manga is finally a motion anime. There is expected to be a total of 12 episodes of Kaiju No. 8 anime with the last date being June 29, 2024.

Kaiju No. 8 plot

The Kaiju No.8 anime has received appreciations from fans who had been waiting on the release of it since 4 years now. The main protagonist of this action/sci-fi anime is Kafka Hibino, a defense force officer and an ex-worker at the Kaiju Cleaning Company known as Monster Sweeper Inc.

The story of the Kaiju No.8 anime revolves around the transformation of Kafka into a Kaiju after a Kaiju accidentally enters his mouth. If you have read Kaiju No.8 Chapter 1 manga, it won’t be huge surprise but one is sure, The graphics of anime are too good to be true.

The Kaiju No. 8 release dates on Crunchyroll

Kaiju No. 8 anime releases weekly on the Crunchyroll platform every Saturday in Japan, and since episode 1 is already released, you can expect episode 2 to be out on April 20.

Here are the list of upcoming release dates:

EpisodeRelease DatesEpisode Name
Episode 1April 13, 2024The Man Who Became A Kaiju
Episode 2April 20, 2024N/A
Episode 3April 27, 2024N/A
EpisodeMay 4, 2024N/A
EpisodeMay 18, 2024N/A
EpisodeMay 25, 2024N/A
EpisodeJune 1,2024N/A
EpisodeJune 8, 2024N/A
EpisodeJune 15, 2024N/A
EpisodeJune 22, 2024N/A
EpisodeJune 29, 2024N/A
Release dates of Kaiju anime

Who is the protagonist of Kaiju No 8?

Kafka Hibino.

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