K-pop singer Nahee dies at 24, suspicion of suicide

The famous K-pop singer Nahee dies at age of 24 under unknown circumstances, suspicion of suicide on row.

In a recent unfortunate news K-pop community has been deeply dishearten at a sudden passing away of K-pop singer Nahee at the age of 24 years old. The singer was very well known for her beautiful soul touching voice which has always left her fans and audience in awe. The singer had passed away on November 8, while the cause of death remains unknown, there still have been certain speculation of suicide. Making this news more worrisome and tragic for her fans.

An image of K-Pop singer Nahee  making a pose for a photo shoot

Lim Nahee was a singer and songwriter whose stage stage name was Nahee. She was represented by the Mun Hwa In music label. Mun Hwa in is a South Korean Indie music label established in May 2016 as a subsidiary under Kakao M priorly  known as LEON Entertainment.

The well-known singer Nahee marked her first debut in 2019 , with her single “Blue City” followed by “Blue Night” and “Gloomy Day”

An image of the Nahee in her song Blue City

With only a short duration of 4 years , Singer Nahee attained 15 KOMCA, which is a non profit organization related to songwrite and composing credits.

Just 2 days prior her demise singer Nahee had shared a selfie photo of her along with videos of her pet dog.

An image of last Instagram phot of singer Nahee before her early demise.

According the source, the singer’s funeral arrangement has been made at central funeral hall in Pyeongtaek, Gyeonggi-do in South Korea and has been scheduled for today.

The suicide speculations still remain at large from her fans as the cause of her death making it more tragic. In recent years dark-side of the K-Pop Industry has surface and disheartening news of South Korea becoming a suicide capital.

There have been news of K-Pop stars facing hardships and going under huge pressure due to loans and growing economic problems

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