Jamie Foxx faces sexual assault lawsuit

An image of Jamie Foxx posing
Jamie Foxx is being sued by Jana Doe for sexual assault

lawsuit has been filed against Jamie Foxx regarding a sexual assault on a women in the year of 2015 at a rooftop bar.

A lady who is named as Jane Doe has claimed that the 55 year old Hollywood actor (Jamie Foxx) had assaulted her at rooftop lounge and bar in New York City 8 years ago. The lawsuit was obtained by TMZ on Wednesday.

The victim and her law suit:

An image of Jamie Foxx at an award show
Jamie Foxx faces horrific accusation from Jana Doe

The Lady who is named as Jane Doe recalled the terrible incident in a document, in which she claimed after she had arrived at the Catch NYC & Roof at around 11:00 p.m. in August 2015. The plaintiff had notice Jamie Foxx one seat away from her after being seated at the lounge.

After few hours, at around 1:00 a.m. , one of Jane Doe’s friend asked Jamie Foxx, if she could take a picture with him and the victim together. The Hollywood actor was intoxicated as per victim’s statement and he kept on complimenting her, telling her that she has a supermodel body and that she smells really good.

The scenario as per court documents:

The actor later puller her by the arm and took her to the back area of the rooftop where he put his hand on her waist and slowly moved them up under t-shit and started to grope her breasts. She mentioned that she tried moving him away but unfortunately was unable to do so.

The scenario became even worse later as per mentioned in the documents, Jamie Foxx pushed his hands downwards towards the victims private area where he put his finds on and inside her vagina and anus. The actor only stopped after the victim’s friend had arrived and had seen what was going on.

In the recent lawsuit, Jana Doe is suing Jamie, Catch and its employees for compensatory and punitive damages.

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