Homelander Weaknesses ranked from worst to best

The Boys Season 4 is set to release on June 13, 2024. and we are here to rank Homelander Weaknesses from worst to best. Homelander has been a never wrecking for his group, The Boys. We do understand that our powerful Supe has a well put image of himself in the eyes of the public. Unfortunately, being very honest, he seems like a mentally ill patient who has escaped from mental asylum just now.

He does consider himself to be an absolute being, which seems quite wrong as his weakness follow right behind him. Let’s rank Homelander weaknesses from worst to best.

1. Extreme Attention

A human who is superman like is under some glitters
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You might wonder how? But one of the worst Homelander weaknesses is Extreme attention cannot kill him yet will definitely distract even for awhile before getting the chance to kill him. Unlike other heroes like Shazam who require a little love and attention every now and then. Homelander on the other hand craves for it. No matter how evil he turns out to be, he is somehow able to manage is good face in front of the public. For some reason, he just needs that attention to help him stabilize his self-esteem.

There was a time when all the people of started protesting against him and in his mind he thought of burning off everyone using his laser-eyes but stopped because he wanted to maintain his dignity and love from the people. This weakness of extreme attention cannot kill him which is why it is ranked the worst

2. Enhanced Hearing

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With every inch of strength there is a weakness that comes along with it. Homelander can see through almost every material on planet Earth except for Zinc. In the very same way, Homelander has the ability of enhanced hearing just like superman which also sifts itself into a weakness when the pitch is turned into high frequency sound waves which only he is able to hear.

In season 2, We saw The Boys bring out Vought sonic speakers which produced a massive sound wave at a high frequency level of 190,000 Hz. Homelander superhearing has a weakness to the high frequency at this point due to which he had to seek and demolish those speakers. This super hearing power can cause a havoc on him in upcoming episodes.

3. Novichok

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Novichok just came into highlight recently and can be deemed as one of the best Homelander weaknesses that paves path to finally defeat Homelander. As most of us know that Homelander was created as a clone from the DNA of Solider Boy with a few refinement to make him the kind of Supe he is right now. In season 3 of the The Boys, we saw Solider Boy being kept as a captive in a locked prison like cell with a gas known as Novichok.

The gives rise to theories of Homelander could be captured using the Novichok gas. Homelander is a modified version of Solider Boy, thus there is also a possiblity of the gas not working of him, but there is always space for improvment in the structure and component of the gas to finally capture Homelander if not defeat him.

4. Homelander Son

Homelander weaknesses from his son
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We all know that Homelander forced himself on Becca causing her to conceive his child, Ryan. Homelander Son is the best of Homelander weaknesses as he is also a Supe and is currently being taken care by Becca in safe zone, to make sure he received all the love he can as a child, which Homelander wasn’t able to receive.

Ryan who has the same DNA as Homelander might have the same super power or be slightly better than him. Maybe, in the upcoming episodes if he realizes what he has done with his mum and Butcher, he might end up defeating Homelander once and for all.

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