8 teens arrested in the killing of Jonathan Lewis a high school student

8 Teenagers were recently arrested on suspicion of killing Jonathan Lewis outside of Rancho high school

8 teenagers were arrested in connection with the murder of a 17-year-old teenager  who was beaten to death outside a school in Las Vegas.

An image of jonathan lewis who was recently killed by 8 teenagers

In the group of 10 people, there were eight who were not identified as they are minors and were involved in with the other two who kicked, stomped, and punched Jonathan Lewis after school on the afternoon of November 1, as told by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

The murderers in the death of Jonathan Lewis are expected to be in the age range from 13 to 17 years old as told by Undersheriff Andrew Walsh. He also further stated that qualified suspects of the murder should be treated as adults due to the seriousness of the case.

High school student, Lewis was beaten outside of Rancho High School. It was told by the family member that Jonathan Lewis was brain dead by November 7. His main organs were donated by the family.

It was told by the Clark County’s medical examiner that the cause of death of Jonathan Lewis was blunt force trauma, with the death being a sign of homicide.

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