Hanuman film OTT release date: Know the release date on OTT after theatre

Hanuman film OTT release date: The film ‘Hanuman’ created a stir among the audience of India which is directed by Prashant Verma. The lead actor Teja Sajja did an amazing job. The film dominated the box office and the audience was in awe of it. The overall VFX used and the cinematography was much praised by the public. Finally after hitting a homerun in the theatre, the Hanuman film is finally going to arrive in your home on the OTT platform!

Hanuman Film OTT release date

The film Hanuman was released on the 12th of January, 2024 and the public is eagerly waiting on for the second part to come soon, but there is another interesting thing about this film, you might be wondering what it is? Stay tuned to know more……..

Hanuman film OTT release date: Which OTT platform and when will it be released

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After rocking the theatres on the big screen of major theatres of India, ‘Hanuman’ film is now ready to have a grand entry in the OTT platform! As per reports, the digital rights of the Hanuman film have been sold to OTT platform ZEE5, which means that Teja Sajja’s movie may hit the platform on 2nd March, 2024. This is still just a rumour as it has not yet been confirmed by the official makers.

This unofficial news has created a hype for the ‘Hanuman’ film among its fans and public and the audience is eagerly waiting for its arrival on the OTT platform, after all who doesn’t want to a movie which portrays and showcases us the devotion and strength of the great Lord Hanuman.

Hanuman film Box Office collection

The film ‘Hanuman’ was released in 11 languages in various theatres across the world and has made an impact among its audience who have been left in awe after watching the film. In India ‘Hanuman” earned Rs 194 crore but that is not just it , it has garnered more than Rs 300 crore across the world! This just shows the love that has been given from the public to the film. Tighten your seatbelt for the second part for Hanuman movie soon.

Hanuman Film Budget

If I told you this you might be pretty shocked, but the hanuman movie which has caused a stir among the public and its audience was made with only a mere budget of Rs 30-50 crore rupees. Yes, i know it’s definitely unbelievable and maybe this is the reason for which the movie gained so much success. Coming to the salary part the leading actor Teja Sajja got a salary of Rs 2 crore meanwhile the leading actress Amrita Iyer got Rs 1.5 crore in the Hanuman film. The other casts Deepak Shetty got Rs 85 lakh and Varalakshmi Sarathkumar got Rs 1 crore.

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