Fun and Food Dehradun Ticket Price, Timings and Rides

Step into a world of adventurous rides and delightful delights at Fun and Food Dehradun, an amusement park where fun-filled adventure meets mouth-watering cuisine await. Fun and Food Kingdom is located in the outer area of Dehradun near Prem Nagar in Village Kohlupani. Fun and Food is the first amusement and water park of Dehradun which opened its door to kids and adults of all age in 2003.

The amusement and water park has a concept a slogan “ fun for the whole day” which still is same for its residents and visitors as they want people who visit this park, enjoy their day to the fullest along with their friends, family, and close ones. The park attracts tons of tourists and locals from in and around of Dehradun.

Fun and Food Dehradun Ticket Price

The ticket available at the amusement and water park are divided into 5 types that are Adult Regular, Kids, Senior Citizen, Stag and Defence.

Ticket Price (Mon-Sat)/(Sun + public holidays)
AdultRs 800/ Rs 850
KidsRs 650/ Rs 700
Senior Citizen above 60 yearsRs 550/ Rs 600
StagRs 600/ Rs 700
DefenceRs 650/ Rs 700
Fun and Food Kingdom ticket prices

Fun and Food Dehradun Timings

DaysAmusement / Water Park
Mon – Sat10 AM- 6 PM/12 PM-5 PM
Sun + Public Holidays10 AM-7 AM/11 AM-6 PM
Fun and Food Kingdom timings

Fun and Food Dehradun Rides

Fun and Food includes 18 dry slides, A pirate Ship, Bumper cars, A FreeFall, A Roller Coaster, A Rain Dance including a few rides for kids such as the Santa Train ride, Caterpillar Ride, Jungle Safari ride.

The Fun and Food water park includes 7 slides for adult and 6 slides for kids, such as the hide & seek Slide, fusion slide, wave pool, fun slide, lazy river, and Tornado Slide.

1. Hide and Seek Slide

Hide and Seek Slide 1
Hide and Seek slide (image via : Trip advisor)

Jump on your water sleigh and push yourself down the colorful yellow and red slides to pump up your adreneline on the slide.

2. Wave Pool

Wave pool
Wave Pool (image via: TripAdvisor)

The wave pool instantly transports the people in the pool into another tropical universe as the gentle waves are created making it an inviting atmosphere on a sunny day. Whether you’re seeking a break from the summer heat or simply looking to unwind , the wave pool is your go-to delightful escape. The waves in the pool are carefully generated to mimic the natural flow of the ocean , allowing the visitors to enjoy the experience of swimming in the sea without leaving the comfort of the water park.

The water waves coming towards you get more exciting as the rhythmic rise of waves near the end increase slowly which almost can rise as high as 10 feet during their peak hour wave show.

3. Fusion Slide

slide 1 1
Fusion Slide (image via: Trip Advisor)

The Fusion Slide is probably one of the most popular slides at the Fun and Food Kingdom that combine the thrill of water slides with the excitement of a roller coaster. This heart pounding ride is like no other within the parks, The Fusion Slide smoothly bends turns, twists and finally drops all the while water splashing around you adding an element of cool and refreshing.

Better brace yourself when you go down this for an unforgettable experience as you slide down at impeccable high speeds.

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