Dream accuses Gumball Watterson voice actor of physical assault

Recently Minecraft star Clay “Dream” has accused the voice actor of Gumball Watterson “Nicolas Cantu”

Dream states that Gumball voice actor has physically assaulted him but has not elaborated on this statement and further added that the voice actor had slurred the N’ word.

On November 16. 2023, the 24-year-old took his X platform handle in which he responded to the Gumball VA who had called him a P*dophile.

An Image of the streamer Clay Dream who is accusing Gumball VA

Streamer Clay “Dream” claims

The Minecraft star Claw “Dream” claimed that Nicholas had physically assaulted him, had used the N-word and had also physically berated an Uber driver.

In his X platform handle Dream wrote

“I’m not a p*dophile, no matter how much you joke, but you are a s**tty terrible human. You physically assaulted me, said the N-word and other slurs, verbally berated an Uber driver saying, ‘That’s why I’m a famous movie star and you’re an Uber driver,’ and they were just trying to help you not get arrested. Calling them the R slur and saying your IQ is among geniuses and making racist remarks towards them.”

Dream also told the public that the Gumball VA had contacted him through private messages and apologized for his behavior as he was high and drunk at that time.

Gumball voice actor responds to Youtuber Clay Dream
Nicholas Cantu responds to Clay Dream credits (image from X)

In the platform X it can be seen that Nicholas Cantu responds to the streamer stating his behavior and as well as his apology.

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