Discover Cloud Farm Munnar: A Hidden Gem in Kerala

Located in the beautiful hills of Munnar, Kerala. Cloud Farm Munnar is an mesmerizing location that is owned by two nature lovers – Arun and Aman. This alluring place is a biodiverse hotspot for many nature seekers and travelers with photography passion. It makes a perfect spot for people who enjoy peace and adventure at the same time. Unfortunately, this beautiful location is known to very few people, therefore, in this blog post we will discuss about about this hidden gem waiting to be discovered.

Unveiling the enchanting Cloud Farm

Cloud Farm Munnar sight seeing
Image: Cloud Farm Munnar/ Instagram

Cloud Farm Munnar, is an enchanting camp site located at a height of 6500 feet above sea level in Kottagudi hills that gives travelers a mixed taste of nature and adventure. It is hidden away from the busy and crowded spot, making it a fascinating location to immerse one self in the natural and beautiful misty hills of Munnar, Kerala. This beautiful location is a treat to the eyes and the soul, making it a peaceful retreat away from the hectic home to office lifestyle of the 21st century.

This cloud farm is an example of sustainable eco-system in this modern world, as it was started off by two nature lovers, who kept in mind to respect nature while enjoying it as well. Arun and Amal bought the Cloud Farm in 2014 from an English man who introduced it in the early 1997.

As per an article from onmanorama, it was mentioned that Amal and Arun had to continue to develop the property for 3 years by putting up tents, planting and growing a small garden before beginning their journey of introducing Cloud Farm to travelers from all around the globe.

Accommodation at Cloud Farm

Cloud Farm Munnar Accommodations
Image: Cloud Farm Munnar /Instagram

After, initial arrival at the Cloud Farm Munnar, the visitors can witness the spectacular cloud formations along with vibrant green hills and an overlook of the misty valley. The destination provides eco-friendly accommodations, well put spacious tents , these accommodations fulfill the wants of comfort and nature simultaneously. These arrangements have been made taking in consideration of being environmental friendly to the surrounding nature.

The tents are arranged in such a manner on the hill, that allows the visitors to enjoy the view of the landscape from the tents, such that you are able see the lushy green hills from afar while enjoying the cooling breeze of the hills. One of the haven on earth that leaves many visitors with pure joy and fulfillment.

How to Reach Cloud Farm Munnar

Cloud Farm Munnar
Image: Cloud Farm Munnar/Instagram

To reach this scenic getaway, you must take a short hike from Yellapetty, a small village located 35 kilometers from Munnar. A hiking guide from Cloud Farm will be awaiting you, he/she will further give you instructions and take you through a trek that takes 1-hour, leading to the luscious plantations that has a soothing scent of the wet soil that lifts your mood and greenly tea plantation fields that are ready to bare another season of crop.

Note: Remember to carry anti-septic alcohol or salt as leeches around the forest of Munnar may give you a slight trouble.

The Cloud Farm and its experience

The cloud farm is sure to leave you stunned by its breath-taking landscape and out of the world cloud formations that take various artistic shapes. The farm is located in the middle of two high peaks where travelers are often taken to witness the marvelous sunrise and sunset over the vibrant green hills.

A tempting landscape that allows a nature lover to immerse themselves in the enthralling clouds which almost feel like a foamy cushion up in the air, that is about to touch your face with its fluffy touch.

Planning Your Visit to Cloud Farm Munnar

If you’re ready to take on this one in a life-time journey to the hills, here are a few tips to help plan your visit:

  • Best time to Visit: It is recommended to book your stay in advance during the month of October to January, when the weather is cool and comfortable for many trekkers.
  • How to Book: Individuals can book the a slot by directly contacting them on their telephone number: 91 83300 80809 or by sending them an email at:
  • What to Pack: Individuals need to pack essentials such as a rain coat, water bottle, bandage, Dettol, warm layers as the nights get very cold, ( Mattress and sleeping bag will be provided by the farm)
  • Fees for the package: The package is 2500 rupees per person, it includes sleeping bags, mattress, coffee, tea, snacks, dinner and Indian breakfast.

Trek Time Table

  • Day-1
    02:30 pm Registration
    03:00 pm Trek (Walking) to campsite from Yellapatty (Distance:3.5km, moderate terrain)
    04:30 pm Tea and evening snacks
    05:00 pm  Sunset trek (Walking)
    07:00 pm Camp Fire
    09:30 pm Dinner (chapati, veg/non-veg curry, salad, and barbeque on request )
  • Day -2
    05:30 am Wake up call
    06:00 am Sunrise Trek (Walking) to Kottakudi Hills
    09:30 am Indian breakfast
    11:00 am Trek (Walking) back to Yellapatty

Conclusion of the Farm

Cloud Farm Munnar provides a unique traveling experience for those who are passionate about nature and love adventure. This immersive destination provides a truly extraordinary memory for each individuals to enjoy and soak themselves in the elegance of the Western Ghats while also understanding the true fun of being in utmost natural environment.

If you have that tingling feeling already, don’t wait! Plan your visit now to Cloud Farm Munnar where a beautiful natural hidden gem awaits you.

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