Bucchigiri?! Episode 12: unexpected scenes ( Spoiler Alert )

We were waiting for Bucchigiri?! episode 12 for some time now and finally its here and its quite an emotional rollercoaster with hints of comedy in it. You might be aware of Matakara and Arajin’s friendship which has taken a toll after the involvement of Ichiya inside of Matakara.

Bucchigiri episode 12
A still from Bucchigiri?!

Ichiya takes over Matakara Asamine

It finally happens, Matakara Asamine who is afraid of so-called monsters that might hurt or devour him, tries to give himself to Ichiya, the blue genie who takes over the body of Matakara in Bucchigiri?! episode 12, causing to fight against every strong opponent who comes before him. In Bucchigiri?! episode 11, we saw him fight with Marito, Marito initally beats the heck out of him until Ichiya takes over the Asamine and serves up a mid-air twist kick on Marito’s chest which causes him to fall almost unconscious.

Arajin makes Senya leave

In the beginning of Bucchigiri?! episode 12 , Senya starts to explain the the history of Ichiya And Senya who were training to be Honki People. Senya was always fascinated by the power of Ichiya and wanted to be always just like him, on the other hand Ichiya always felt as if Senya never showed his full power as he was a bit scared to exceed Ichiya as his mentor. During the final bloody fight between them, hundred years back, both of them die due to a gun shot wound. The main reason for them to take over a person’s body was for another fight, which made Arajin feel used by Senya and therefore asked him to leave his body.

Asamine fights Douman Kenichirou

Douman Kenichirou who is also known as the strongest characters of Bucchigiri?! was challenged by Asamine, If you didn’t know this, Mitsukuni who is the elder brother of Matakara, asked Douman to take care of his little brother if anything were to happen to him. After, Mitsukuni was stabbed, and Ichiya took over Asamine’s body, even Douman Kenichirou did not stand a chance against him. Their battle took place on a beach where Douman kept receiving burst of strong kicks from Asamine which left him wounded, after which Asamine left Douman’s Honki group.

Senya Battles Ichiya

The battle between the two genies finally take place, a showdown which we wanted for a long time. NGL, Ichiya does overpower Senya for a long duration but that stops after some while, when Arajin motivates Senya in the unconscious realm to fight against Ichiya and to give his all. Fun fact, the reason of the fight was because Ichiya was left with a wish of getting defeated by the hands of Senya before his death because of the illness he carried back then. Senya does defeat Ichiya with his strong punches, after which Ichiya finally says that he was glad this happened.

Arajin Saves Matakara

Another fight which the Anime fans were waiting for, finally came in Bucchigiri?! episode 12. After Ichiya loses from Senya, Matakara Asamine takes over the Ichiya’s spiritual powers and tries to fight Arajin. Asamine tries to hold on to the power of Ichiya and absorbs it as he is afraid of being alone. It is Arajin’s true Honki superpowers that enables him to bring back the innocent Asamine hidden deep in the depths of sadness and power in himself.

When did Bucchigiri?! episode 12 release?

Bucchigiri?! episode 12 released on April 6, 2024.

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