Bobbi Storm nearly kicked out of Delta airlines for singing

Bobbi Storm is a precious member of the gospel group Maverick City Music, which has received huge appreciation and Grammy nominations for Best Gospel Album and Best Contemporary Christian Music Performance/Song in 2024.

One Bobbi Storm was settled in her seat she was heard singing. She had made statements where she told that she has received many compliments and applause from many passengers on different airlines.

Bobbi Storm being told by the head crew attendant to be quiet and not sing on the flight

A certain clip which was posted on Instagram shows Bobbi Brown standing in the middle of the airplane’s aisle and singing after she was later approached by one of the crew members of the Delta Airline.

The viral Instagram video Bobbi Storm performing her famous hit single “We Can’t Forget Him” after which the very same crew member approaches and tells her to be quiet.

Single cover of Bobbi Storm of "We Can't Forget Him"

The singer responded by telling the crew “I’m doing what the Lord is telling me to do”.

In response the head flight attendant tells her to be quiet and to follow his instructions or else they will have to kick her out of the flight.

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