Best Things to do in Victoria Peak with Kids

Hong Kong is one of the most famous cities in the world known for its tourism and especially Disneyland and its rich heritage. But, Hong Kong is not only known for Disneyland, it is home to plethora of attractions and toping that list is the Victoria Peak which is also known as the Peak. It is located on the prominent hill of western half of Hong Kong Island. We have curated a list of things to do in Victoria Peak with kids, but before that lets know more about the peak.

About the Victoria Peak

View of Victoria Peak
Aerial View of the Victoria Peak in Hong Kong

The Peak stand at an astonishing 552 meters above sea level, making it the highest point on Hong Kong Island. Local residents and tourists flock here to enjoy the breathtaking 360-degree view of Lamma Island, Victoria Harbour, and Central, which the Victoria Peak has to offer.

The Victoria Peak started gaining traction in the early 19th century when Hong Kong was under the British Rule. European residents were drawn to breath-taking panoramic views and cooler climate it offered compared to other locations in Hong Kong. The Sixth Governor of Hong Kong , fell in love so much with the beautiful place that he (Sir Richard MacDonnell) built a summer residence here around the year 1868.

1. Riding the Peak Tram

Peak Tram in Victoria Peak - best things to do in Victoria Peak with kids
The Peak Tram (image via: Getyourguide)

Before you even reach the Peak, you get to take a ride on the iconic Peak Tram in Hong Kong, which as been a long standing mode of transportation that takes passengers from the city center to the glorious summit o Victoria Peak. The Peak Tram idea came from a Scot named Alexander Findlay Smith after he found out that the Peak requires a mode of transport for the large amount of crowd that comes to Victoria Peak due to its ever growing popularity.

Fun fact: Passengers who get a chance to travel on the Peak Tram often experience an optical illusion. The buildings on the right-hand side appear to be falling backwards toward the peak creating a unique effect and a memorable experience.

2. Famous Personalities at the Madame Tussauds Hong Kong

Bruce lee wax statue at a museum
Bruce Lee wax statue in Madame Tussauds HK

The Wax Museum is a must-visit with your kids when at the Victoria Peak. Madame Tussauds Hong Kong allows an interactive and star-studded experience, allowing many to rub shoulders with your favorite celebrity to famous personalities such as Mahatma Gandhi, Chris Hemsworth as Thor, Anita Mui ( Madonna of Asia), Teresa Lang Ley, Elvis Presley, Bruce Lee, Salman Khan and Dwayne the Rock Johnson. Oh and also the Kardashian Family (LMAO) When visiting, make sure to strike a pose, snap photos and immerse yourself in the world of fame, glamour and history.

3. Sky Terrace 428

Sky terrace
Sky Terrace 428

One of the Main Reason to visit the Peak is enjoy the 360-degreee views of the skyline, Victoria Harbour and its surrounding islands. The Sky Terrace 428 comes because of the platform being at a staggering 428 meters above sea level. The view during the day gives a glimpse of the busy urban lifestyle of Hong Kong and by night it provides a beautiful view of the flashy buildings making up the skyline at night. The best part of the Sky Terrace 428 is that it is an open-air platform, allowing visitors to enjoy the beautiful view without any glass barriers.

4. Monopoly Dreams Hong Kong

Monopoly dreams in the peak
Monopoly Dreams Hong Kong

Monopoly one of the classical board game since 1935 played by people of all age around the globe has come alive in Hong Kong. Monopoly Dreams Hong Kong is an exciting attraction located on the Peak, which is one of of the most popular tourist spots and has become a children’s favorite too. This is the world’s first Monopoly themed attraction that allows visitors to enjoy the elements of the game firsthand. It includes holograms and interactive games such as Property Acquisition, Train Station adventure and Mr. Monopoly’s vault.

So if you are a Monopoly enthusiast and are looking for an interactive experience with your kids, Monopoly Dreams is the place to be!

5. Trick Eye Museum

Trick eye museum at the peak
Trick Eye Museum Hong Kong

The Trick Eye Museum is one of the most exciting attractions especially for kids located at the Peak Galleria on Victoria Peak in Hong Kong. The Trick Eye Museum holds 50 different illusion across five themed zones that are Hong Kong Discovery, Secret garden, World of Masterpieces, Great Adventure, and Neverland. Unlike tradition museums where taking photographs is strictly prohibited, in here it is actively encouraged. The museum eventually started first in Seoul, and slowly expanded to other places in Asia. When visiting the Peak, make sure to add this intriguing museum to your list of sightseeing places!

6. Strolling On Lugard road

Glimpse of Lugard road
Lugard Road Lookout (image vis: Hong Kong Tourism)

Lugard Road is a serene pedestrian path located on Victoria Peak in Hong Kong, which was named after Sir Fredrick Lugard (served as the Governor of Hong Kong from 1907 to 1912). It lies at approx 400 meters above sea level, which is a semi-circular path of a length of 2.4 kilometer that mainly follows the contours of the hillside, connecting Victoria Gap in the east to the Hatton Road- Harlech Road junction. The road forms part of the Hong Kong Trail making it the right spot to capture stunning photos of the cityscape, one of the things to do in Victoria Peak with kids.

7. Victoria Peak Garden

Victoria Garden at the peak
Victoria Peak Garden (image via: flickr)

Another Beautiful Spot to take your kids to at the peak is the Victoria Peak Garden, where you can enjoy the peaceful ambience and have a splendid picnic with your kids. It eventually was served as the grounds for the Mountain Lodge, which was the summer residence for the Governor of Hong Kong. Currently, the Garden serves as an open space for families to come and unwind, you can also see some of the artifacts from the Victorian era, that include stone pillars and carvings, which will add on to the overall experience.

8. Dining at Rajasthan Rifles

Exterior image of Rajasthan rifles restaurant in Hong Kong
Dining at Rajasthan Rifles

You cannot end the trip without having food in your tummy? One of the best restaurants on the Victoria Peak is Rajasthan Rifles. It is an Anglo- Indian mess that focuses on delicate historical period of India, when the British Indian Army used to intake Indian army officers before Independence. It focuses on the theme of mess hall where officers would come together to not only eat but also socialize. Chef Palash Mitra gives a flare by using classic flavor combinations with a unique twist such as their club sandwich that comes along with a side of masala fries. It is terrific place for you to enjoy dining with your kids.

Don’t forget to take your camera to capture beautiful memories in HD quality , be sure to be in comfortable clothing to enjoy your time with your kids at the Victoria Peak!

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