Bakor Waterfall: Best time to visit, attractions and how to reach

Bakor Waterfall
Bakor Waterfall located in Bakor Village

Bakor Waterfall is a picturesque natural attraction which attracts many travelers across India to the Bakor village. The Bakor waterfall is also known as Aladari Waterfall which is located right next to Bhadar River waterfall. This scenic waterfall is near Vavkuva in the village of Bakor in Gujarat, India. It is located in the Mahisagar district of Eastern Gujarat to be precise and is part of the lushy green jungle and tranquil environment. Why Bakor Waterfall might be a unique place to go? In this article we will cover about the best part about the Bakor Waterfall, Best Time to Visit, attractions and how to reach.

Features of Bakor Waterfall

Bakor Waterfall’s natural beauty

Bakor Waterfall is one of the most unique waterfall that is located in the middle of smooth formed rocky terrain and dense forests, making it one of the best locations for those who are very keen on visiting nature and love taking photographs. The route to the waterfall is covered with Mahua and Sagwan trees (also known as Teak). Other then that you will also be astonished to find that there are around 74 types of butterflies surrounding the area.

The Bakor Waterfall is also is home to plenty of animals that leave around the surrounding dense forest such as Hyena, Jackal, and Nilgai Chinkara and variety of amazing birds such as Painted Partridge, Great Horned Owl, Grey Hornbill, and Indian Pitta. Once near Vavkuva, the soothing sound of cascading waterfall can be heard form a distance creating a pleasant environment for those who come her to relax.

Access to the Bakor fall

Bakor Water is accessible by trekking from the nearby village of Bakor. The trek is easy compared to one of the moderately difficult Kadaldhar Waterfall trek thus making it suitable for people of all ages. Be it young or old. The passage to the waterfall is a peaceful and scenic route that adds to the impeccable travelling experience to the Bakor Waterfall.

Activities to do in Bakor Waterfall

This mesmerizing waterfall is a perfect location for family and friends who want to enjoy their weekend by having a relaxed picnic at the waterfall. It allows visitors to enjoy the beauty of trekking while enjoying bird watching and picnicking as well. The natural pool at the base makes it a suitable location for those who want to take a dip and cool themselves off during the harsh heat of the summer.

Small yet elegant

The Bakor Waterfall is a unique waterfall in terms of its size as it is small to many other waterfalls located around India. The waterfall, however increases greatly in volume during the peak monsoon season that makes it hard for many to get inside and enjoy the flow of the waterfall. Although, this allows travelers and visitors to enjoy the awe-inspiring sight of this majestic waterfall during the wet season.

Best Time to Visit .

The best time to visit Bakor Waterfall is during the monsoon season which is usually seen from the month of June to September, however the Bakor Waterfall has a significant flow of water throughout the 9 months in 12 months making visit to it easy per your comfort. The monsoon season can often bring in many visitors to the waterfalls especially group of tourists who often come from Ahmedabad near to the adventure camps located in Bakor village.

The waterfall has been getting more and more visitors as travelers have gotten to know about this majestic waterfall. It is best to check and visit before or after the monsoon to enjoy a more quieter experience.

How to Reach Bakor Waterfall

A Map showing how to reach Bakor Waterfall and how long does it take.
Ahmedabad to Bakor Village

The waterfall can be reached by a bike or private car which takes anywhere from 2 to 3 hours. Once reaching the Bakor Village, it can another 20 to 25 minutes by bike to reach the waterfall.

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Bakor Village to Bakor Waterfall

You can also go on a one-day group trip to Bakor by taking a tour package, it usually costs from Rs 950- Rs 1100 per person, in which they include stay at the Bakor Camp site, bus travel, provide food, and also take you to trekking through the dense forest to reach the Bakor Waterfalls which takes about 2 hours by walk.

Near by Attractions

The waterfalls also has many attractions near to it, which enhances the overall experience of the trip to Bakor. These attractions include historical architectures and other benefactors which increase this locations attractiveness.

Dodavanta Lake – a local beauty

Dodavanta lake located near Bakor Village in Gujarat
Dodavanta Lake (image via-Invincible NGO)

The Dodavanta Lake is a nearby attraction that is one of the less-known gems of the Gujarat region. It is fed by natural precipitation which make is a significant part for the local community residing around the lake. The lake is a special part of the region that adds to the beauty of the surrounding dense jungle and rolling hills. It also supports the biodiversity of the flora and fauna which include various fish species, amphibians and aquatic plants.

Kaleshwari Temple- The Historic architecture

Kaleshwari Templelocated near Bakor Waterfall” class=”wp-image-4185″/>
Historic Kaleshwari Temple

One of the ancient architecture and a part of the great Mahabharta is Kaleshwari Temple. Many don’t known about Kaleshwari temple which is also referred to Kalheri Nal. The other attractions that are in the surrounding of this temple are Shikarmadhi, Bhimchori, Arjuna Chori, Kund and Daughter In Law’s Step Well.

Bakor Waterfall should definitely be added to you travel itinerary since there is so much to do while visiting the magnificent waterfall during your trip. So, what are you waiting for pack your bags and get ready to have one of the best soothing experience of your life.

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