Animal trailer spoof recreated as “Dumbell” by Harsh Beniwal

Harsh Beniwal can be seen smoking for a scene in his new Animal trailer spoof

Many of the folks in India have been excitingly awaiting the launch of “Animal” a action packed movie along with drama and the love for a father who was never able to provide time for his one and only son who saw his father as a super hero since childhood. Meanwhile, many were awaiting the launch of the movie, some youtubers planned on recreating the trailer of “Animal” into a spoof for a better laugh for the folks to enjoy their day.

Harsh Beniwal who is a famous YouTuber in India, is well-known figure throughout the country, his impeccable comedy timing gives an extra bonus of attracting viewers towards his YouTube channel.

He had recently just published the video a week ago which has already garnered more than 7 million views on Youtube.

Source: YouTube (Harsh Beniwal)

The Animal trailer spoof story line

The Animal trailer spoof that is “Dumbbell” is a remake of the original trailer of Animal in which Harsh Beniwal can be seen acting as gym person who constantly tries his best to get Balbir to lose fat which he is unable to do so, He is forced to inject him shots of injections so that it enables him to get muscular as soon as possible,

Balbir has been seen to be addicted to the so called treasure of the food street “momo” which he is being force to eat as well, the question remains in the trailer is how far will he be able to do to cut the fat, will he maintain his sanity or will it convert him into the “Animal” we are so eagerly awaiting to see.

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