Ajay Devgn’s Shaitaan Cast Salaries: Low to High

The recently launched horror flix Shaitaan (2024)directed by Vikas Bahl has been making a buzz in the box office, definitely the kind of peep buzz, we always look for in a movie. The plot of the movie shows two helpless parents, Ajay and Jyothika trying to save their innocent daughter from the clutches of the evil adversary – R Madhavan, who has done (Vashikaran) also known as a way of controlling someone on the girl. It would be wrong to say that movie won’t be a hit, as the initial opening, because to a huge surprise the horror flick garnered Rs 14.2 crore at the box office. Shaitaan was made with a movie budget of Rs 50-60 crore.

With a moderate budget of the movie it seems like movie is doing extremely well, in its beginning stage at the theaters. Hopefully, we can expect the movie to do well, just like how Yami Gautam’s Article 370 did well at the box office with a medium ranged budgeting of Rs 20 crore.

A girl sitting on a gas cylinder with a match box in her hand
Still of Janki Bodiwala from Shaitaan

Janki Bodiwala’s Salary For Shaitaan

The character of the daughter in Shaitaan is being played by Janki Bodiwala, who was paid Rs 2-3 crore as reported by NDTV. She played the very same role in Vash(2023) along with Hitu Kanodia, Hiten Kumar and Niilam Paanchal.

Jyothika’s Salary For Shaitaan

Jyothika’s salary has been paid Rs 5 crore for portraying as a helpless mother in the supernatural flick. Jyothika has made a comeback into the Bollywood industry after her last movie , Kaathal-The Core (2023) a Malayalam-language crime and drama film.

R Madhavan’s Salary For Shaitaan

R Madhavan has been paid Rs 10 crore for his role as an evil protagonist in the movie. R Madhavan is playing the role of the evil man, which had been very eagerly being anticipated by many of his fans. This is the first time audience would be able to see him in a role with such high evilness aura.

The Highest Salary yet the Lowest of Ajay Devgn

As per the report from NDTV, Ajay Devgn has been paid a sum of Rs 25 crore which is the highest for the cast of Shaitaan, but still the lowest as compared to his usual charge which is 32 crore. This signifies that Ajay has reduced his salary for this movie. Nonetheless, he would still be taking his profit cut from the movie during the later stage.

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