Actor says she felt “abused” by Russel Brand on film se

Russel Brand faces allegations of sexual assault in a New York State lawsuit.

During the film shooting of the 2011 film Rom/cam “Arthur,” the actor claims she was sexually assaulted by Russel Brand. A lawsuit has been filed against him in New York State claiming his misdeed.

Russel Brand walking out as he denies sexual assault allegations

The actor claims that Russel Brand had entered the lavatory that she was using and sexually assaulted her meanwhile a production member had blocked the door from outside. She also further added that many had “turned a blind eye to bad behavior on the set” as it was quite noticeable that the stars had a higher authority over actors who just playing tiny parts or roles in the movie.

The actor said to BBC “What would they do if I had come forward and said something to, say, a production assistant on the set?” “Are they going to fire Russell Brand or am I going to get fired?”

It current legal case also notes that Russel Brand has received serious allegations from many other female actors and casts who state of sexual assault and inappropriate behaviour towards them, which in some cases are from 20 years from now.

But still so Russel Brand has so far refused of the accusations and has told that his relationships were always consensual but has yet to respond regarding the New York lawsuit against him. Meanwhile in this legal case , “Warner Bros Pictures” is the defendant as it has been named as partner in enabling of aiding the star and neglecting inappropriate behaviour of him towards other members of the cast.

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