Meet our team of young bloods who love writing about the entertainment Industry, give reviews on movies and watch them too. We love knowing about our favorite and your favorite celebrities especially the spicy and hot gossips they bring to the table.

Our Team

Who We Are

Meet Yuri Tsang one of the youngest writer with an experience of writing for entertainment magazines for over 7 years of our team who just loves her job and ever green fashionable poses. She is might seem like an introvert but trust us she is always one of those talking about Hollywood gossips all day long.

Meet Aneesh Verma, who calls him self the coolest guy on the planet, well there’s no doubt about that. He loves watching movies in his spare time and writing reviews about them, he just can’t wait to be a famous movie critic one day. He is one of our core member who has more than 10+ experience in being a movie critic.

Meet Sophie Bent, who only loves to stream her favorite shows when she is not working. She is huge foodie as well but loves great food with a great TV show. Ask her any questions about any show and she’ll have the answer to it. Although she is new to the team she brings a lot to the table with her 5+ years working as a writer cum side actress.

Our Mission and Vision

Our Team’s Vision is to to become a top movie community that will be able to provide our readers with the the deepest insight about not just movies but its meaning, its story telling and all about Hollywood celebrities, movies, TV shows, series and more.

We believe in our work and our team of young bloods are sure to bring you with interesting worthy blog article s on the entertainment industry. We have over 20 years of combined experience which we will be dedicating to provide you with good reads.