7 Most Popular Japanese Anime Series in India

Today, we will delve into the most popular Japanese anime in India. India has surpassed with anime viewership by 83% over other animated content, which is going to surge in the upcoming years. Anime has been around for a long time, with the first Japanese anime to make its way into advertisement in the 1917.

Anime has been liked by many targeted groups in India with age ranging from 14 and up. Japanese anime has a distinctive storyline and plot to its of each series, making it an addictive binge watch for many viewers.

We are now listing down the 7 most popular Japanese anime series in India, this viewership info has been collected from various anime forums, reddit, Quora, go go anime, Aniwave and other platforms relating to anime viewership.

7. Assassination classroom

Assassination classroom popular japanese anime in India
Assassination classroom poster

First up, is Assassination Classroom also known as “Ansatsu Kyoushitsu“. It is a Japanese animated series based on a science-fiction comedy. The fight for survival begins as a strong and powerful creature says that he would destroy their beloved Earth in an year.

But he gives a chance to a few delinquents who study in an old building located near the elite and highly known Kunugigaoka Middle School. He promises to teach them all the subjects as a teacher should with a condition of giving them all the chance they require to kill him without any restrictions.

6. My Hero Academia

My hero academia
A still from My Hero Academia

Next up is ‘My Hero Academia”. we needed to add this anime series, it’s one of the most popular anime in the Indian community of fans who love tremendous action. My Hero Academia is an anime series in which everyone is born with a different kind of quirk, who go on to become superheroes while some prefer becoming villains, not gonna lie but somehow reminds me about the movie “Sky High”.

The main lead of this anime series is Izuku Midoriya who gets gets his quirk of one for all from All might who trains hard to defeat the strongest villain “All for one”.

5. Death Note

A devil like  creature who is sitting on top of a wooden desk
A still from Death Note

Indians have always been fan of supernatural animated series. Death Note in particular is one of popular Japanese anime in India, with a slow paced story-line yet keeps you intrigued in its plot. Death Notebook follows the a bright young student of a high school who’s name is Light Yagami.

Light Yagami discovers a strange notebook with strange verses on its first page mentioning that whosever name is written in the notebook will die by default method of a heart attack after 40 seconds.

The cat and mouse chase begins after the world’s most known detective follows behind Light Yagami making it an intriguing thriller series with supernatural elements.

4. Attack on Titans

An animated group of giants after a human who is in mid-air
A still from Attack on Titans

One thing I can definitely say is that Attack on Titans is gory with a lot of violence going around . Attack on Titans manga alone made it to 110 million copies of circulation by 2023. This popular Japanese anime is followed by a a city which is behind huge walls to keep them safe from the titans.

Titans are the giants which have been known to attack cities and humans and well also eat humans as a part of their meal which takes this anime to a next level gory. The heroes of this anime have very realistic traits, while also leaving the story with new questions and theories making it like an investigative animated series which you end up watching without a pause.

3. Naruto:Shippuden

A popular Japanese anime series in India known as Naruto Shippuden
A still from Naruto

One of the top popular Japanese anime in India which began an era for anime was Naruto: Shippuden along with Dragon Balls and One Piece. You could see school going kids using the hand signs of twelve seals of Naruto. The Indian audience were able to connect with Naruto anime with themes such as perseverance, friendship and selflessness.

Naruto’s journey from the most mischievous prankster, almost like Dennis the Menace of the Hidden Leaf village to a respected Hokage of the village. Naruto made its initial debut in the Indian Landscape during 2005 on Cartoon Network.

2. One Piece

A poster in which the title of one piece can be seen
A still from One Piece

One Piece is one of the longest running anime series in India which is why you might see a lot of kids going around with a phrase that starts with gum gum gum. I know seems silly, but as an one piece fan, you can’t avoid it. There have been many people who started producing memes and even merchandises on characters such as Zoro, Luffy, Nami and Robin.

Some even made theories of love stories of Zoro and Nami or Luffy and Nami. What made people watch One piece for such a long time? Its because Luffy is still discovering new islands everyday with his straw hat group and he is yet to become the king of the pirates.

One piece became a sensational popular Japanese anime because of its relevance to family, loyalty and the most important friendship.

1. Dragon Ball Franchise

It would be wrong to not keep Dragon Ball franchise series in the number 1 spot. Dragon Ball series is the undoubted winner of this list. Dragon Ball has a huge population of its fans who till to this date might have the phrase of Kamehameha on their tongue or even trying to get into the form of a Super Saiyan.

It might shock you to know that the fans love Dragon Balls to such an extent that they took to social media to get Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie in theaters. The dragon Ball theme song is something that was stuck with kids of the 2000s. One of the main reasons was also because of its authentic Japanese culture involved within the series.

The series became an epitome of popular Japanese anime in India resonating with elements such as family and overcoming hurdles in your life.

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