6 Basic Rules for Good Health to Improve Longevity


Health has become a major concern in today’s date. From bad eating habits to sleepless nights, all these factors directly or indirectly affect both physical and mental health of a human. You can involve these 6 basic rules for good health such as staying hydrated and eating a well-balanced diet enhances your lifestyle which promotes optimal health. Being healthy is a simple and easy task which can done by anyone in this world, it is not necessary to follow a gym routine or to start keto-diet. A person has to just follow a disciplined lifestyle and remove the bad habits from their life to add on more years to their age.

6 Basic Rules for Good Health

Below, we will discuss about the 6 basic rules for Good Health:

1. Get the right amount of sleep

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The correct amount of sleep helps enhance the productivity of the the brain and helps in the recovery of muscle and mind which enhances the overall productivity.

Less hours of Sleep:

It is not recommended to get less than 8 hours of sleep a day, as it can cause mood swings, reduced energy, lower mental performance and health issues such as high blood pressure, stroke, and depression.

Change in facial feature:

Without getting the right amount of sleep on daily basis, the effects of sleep deprivation starts showing up on the face such as dark circles under the eyes, hanging corners around the mouth and stretched out wrinkles around the eyes.

Music for sleep:

Music has been known to reduce blood pressure, stress, heart and respiratory rate which influences the regulation of hormones enhancing the sleep quality of the person.

2. The right diet

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The right diet is a balanced diet which includes the right amount nutritional content along with various vitamin, protein and carbohydrates to help the body function efficiently and effectively.

Inclusion of green leafy vegetables:

It is important to include green leafy vegetables in your meal, green leafy vegetables include all the essential nutrients required by the body. Green leafy vegetables also carry good amount of iron which is very helpful to make hemoglobin. Iron also help to avoid anemia.


It is essential to understand the portion and quantity of the food you eat, you should only eat the required amount of food as per required by your body. Incase, of over-eating, the body produces extra hydrochloric acid in the stomach which can cause heartburns.

Junk food:

It is always best to avoid having junk food as it contains high amount of calories and doesn’t provide any nutritional benefit to the body, instead it has exceeding amount of sugar and unsaturated fat which deteriorates the overall health of the body and can lead to cardiovascular diseases in the longer term.

3. Avoiding bad habits

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Bad habits are the inclusion of habits such as smoking tobacco and consumption of alcohol which degrades the overall performance of the body and health.

Avoid smoking:

Smoking and chewing tobacco have equal effects on health, smoking causes loss of appetite, which further reduces your weight. Smoking for long term also causes dis-coloration of your lips, wrinkled face, diabetes and cancer. Smoking also effects the people around you, who suffer from smoking related illnesses in the future.

Avoiding consumption of alcohol:

Alcohol is broken down with the help of the liver, but excessive alcohol can lead to excessive fat storage within the liver which can also lead to liver cancer. Heavy alcohol consumption can also increase the the risk of high blood pressure which can further lead to stroke and heart attack in the future.

4. Exercise for health

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Exercising regularly is helpful for both the mind and body, exercising also helps you reduce the risk of chronic diseases. inclusion of daily exercise can lead to happier lifestyle.

Higher cognitive response:

Exercising is known to improve the overall cognitive response of the human body, it promotes neuroplasticity which further aids in mental agility and concentration. It also helps in reducing the chances of memory decline.

Better mental state:

Exercising helps to produce selected endorphins and chemicals in the brain which help in lifting the mood as well as reducing the mental stress. It is also associated with better sleep pattern and an uplifted emotional well-being.

Physical well being:

Daily exercise helps maintain the right weight of you body proportion to your height. It also builds a stronger cardiovascular system and reduces the risk of various risks of stroke and heart disease. It also promotes good spinal posture.

5. Body Check up

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Regular body check-up with your family doctor or medical care takers is an essential requirement to help make sure if there are any dormant diseases within the body and to avoid any future medical conditions which could influence towards a bad health.

Checking on dormant diseases:

There are many diseases such as high level of cholesterol, lumps on body or certain cancers which we ignore or go unnoticed for long duration, therefore regular check ups help in getting the right medication for the cure.

Emotional well-being:

Consistent visit to health care centers help in reviewing the emotional well being and to check if you are suffering from any emotional displacement. An early detection and help in the treatment of various mental issues such as trauma, depression, anger and anxiety.

Lifestyle education:

Regular check-ups with the doctors enable them to understand your health need and requirements. The medical care takers can than assess and recommend correct health care practices accordingly. These education help in adopting a lifestyle which promote better health.

6. Drinking Water

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Drinking water has many benefits, it is an essence for helping digestion, keeping the skin healthy and maintaining hydration along with promoting a healthy lifestyle and overall well-being.

Healthy Skin:

Correct amount of hydration helps in aiding a healthy skin while keeping the skin hydrated, supple and reduces the risk of dryness along with premature aging which is often seen in young growing adults.

Maintains body performance:

Keeping the body hydrated allows the body to work under under its optimal performance. It is known by research that drinking water before, after and during physical activity helps regulate body temperature and replace fluids which is lost through sweat.

Promoting healthy kidney:

Water has a vital role in helping maintain the kidney, it helps remove toxins and various waste products from the urine thus keeping it healthy. Drinking water also avoids the chances of getting urinary tract infections by enhancing regular urination.

How these 6 basic rules for good health will improve your overall health?

The above mentioned directions will help you maintain a good health. It is essential to understand that health cannot be improved within a day as it is a process which has to be continued for many years. It is always the basic components which are necessary to bring changes within your body and mind.

Keeping your body hydrated, eating a well balanced diet, regular exercise and the right amount of sleep will enhance your quality of life and age along with keeping you joyful.

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