5 things we love about Igris in Solo Leveling

Who is Igris? You might be wondering? He is the OP knight who defends the empty throne in Solo Leveling anime. He is also the character nobody is talking about, after the end of Solo Leveling season 1.

Knight commander Igris the Bloodred
A still from Solo Leveling showing Igris the Bloodred name in red

Who is Igris?

He is a knight who is also referred to as “Igris the Bloodred“. He is a one of the assisting characters in the anime, who acts as the last boss in the Job Change Quest Dungeon. When Sung Jinwoo saw him in the dungeon, he could feel a very strange, dark ,and strong aura from the Blood-Red Commander.

The Blood-Red Commander was somehow defeated by Sung Jinwoo through a very slight luck, which allowed him to take command on him. Igris was “Arised” by Sung Jinwoo as the Blood-Red Commander deemed him worthy as his master, becoming his first strongest shadow solider after Jinwoo became a necromancer.

Here are a 5 things we love about Igris in Solo Leveling:

Blood-Red Commander is the real OP

Bloodred entrance
A still from Solo Leveling – Commander’s entry

No matter what you say, or think of any other character in the Solo Leveling anime. We just love the look of the commander. A tall and slender commander with red colored armor from head to toe with a red ponytail hair coming out through the helmet. He also had a long worn-out red cape which almost made him seem like a real bad ass superhero. NGL! We almost thought that after his entry Jinwoo would be easily defeated, as even Jinwoo couldn’t match the amazing speed of the Igris the Blood-Red Commander.

Igris is a courteous warrior

Bloodred is Courteous
The commander throws away his blade

During the the fight Sung Jinwoo wasn’t able to match the extreme speed of the commander, it seemed impossible for him to follow through his sword attacks. The problem here for Jinwoo was that he couldn’t even match the red commander’s strength. He was so shocked that during one of the scenes, when Jinwoo lost grip of his blade which fell far away from him. Igris shows courtesy by dropping his short blades on the floor to show Sung, that he is not a commander that would attack a weak without any weapon.

Well that is what we thought! But, another reason for the commander to drop his guard by throwing his weapons away. Was to fight the chosen player within the system, in a full bare hand fight, just like what actual men would do. Out of the many anime that we have seen in the action genre, Igris takes the top spot for being a character who respects his opponent.

Short tempered Commander

Jinwoo kicks Bloodred
Bloodred gets kicked by Sung Jinwoo in the neck

Among the many emotions, short temper or anger is usually a bad thing to be within an individual, but our Blood-red commander here is an exception to it. During an all out fight between Jinwoo and Igris, there were punches, kicks and throws begin mostly blocked by the OP Knight but during one of the moments.

Jinwoo, gets so frustrated that he does a multiple flip kick in mid-air which causes him to land a kick on the commander’s neck. One thing is sure, he shouldn’t have kicked him on the neck. Igris the Blood-Red gets so angry with just that one kick that he grabs hold of Jinwoo and starts punching him multiple times in the speed of light without stopping even for a second. The Blood-Red Commander is strong and second, he is short tempered solider who doesn’t believe in his opponents being even able to touch him forget about kick to the neck.

Serves only a True Master

Shadow Knight Bloodred
A still of Shadow Knight Igris

The Commander himself is so strong that you can call him invincible Bloodred. It would be silly to say that an OP commander like him would serve any master or king who might be weaker than him. We do notice that he serves an empty throne, but it is sure that who ever his master was, he was definitely deemed as a worthy fighter by Igris.

During the fight, the commander gets fatally stabbed by Sung Jinwoo during the end, when he is sitting almost unconscious on the throne. Sung Jinwoo gets 3 tries to “arise” the BloodRed commander as his fellow shadow solider but is unable to do so in the first 2 tries.

During the last try, healso says to the commander that ” Cutting down foes with your sword should be your purpose in life” and it would be better for the commander to join his side as his aid, after which the Bloodred Commander recognizes Sung Jinwoo‘s true worth as a master and abides his request.

Igris is stronger than Sung Jinwoo

Commander is stronger than Jinwoo
Bloodred raising a sword on Jinwoo

People think that after Jinwoo gained all the experience he required by the end to defeat the “Bloodred”. Unfortunately, Jinwoo doesn’t know that in term of fighting skills, “Bloodred” is way superior. Especially his telekinesis skills makes him a strong opponent. A very fun fact is that “Bloodred” is the successor of “Ashborn” who is also known as the King of the Dead and the Monarch of Shadows.

Ashborn had instructed Igris to test Sung Jinwoo in the battle. The version in which Bloodred fought Jinwoo was actually feeble compared to the one who served Ashborn as a liutenant.

All we can conclude is that, Igris has become one of our favorite OP characters in the Solo Leveling anime just like wethermon in Shangri-La Frontier.

Who is Igris?

Igris is a character from the South Korean webcomic and novel series Solo Leveling. He is the Shadow Monarch’s Shadow Soldier and serves as the main protagonist’s companion and ally.

What’s the role of Igris?

Igris is a character in the South Korean web novel Solo Leveling written by Chugong. He is a powerful Shadow Soldier and acts as the main protagonist’s loyal and formidable companion.

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