5 best South Indian thriller web series to watch at home

South Indian movies and web series all have great plots and its no wonder that they also have a huge fan base. Now, Imagine you are at home during the weekend and want to watch something exciting, something that sends a tingling feeling down your spine and makes you wonder what is going to happen next? Is the hero the villain? Who is the main character? What’s the truth behind the killing? Don’t worry we are not going to give you any spoilers for any of the web series we will be mentioning below. Hang in tight as we give you the list of 5 best South Indian thriller web series to watch at home during your holiday and weekends.

Locked (2023)

A poster of South Indian web series Locked

Locked is a South Indian web series which has an involvement of psychological thriller in many parts of its series. Locked will surely keep you engrossed and will not let you leave your sofa at all, its a genre-bending story of neurologist which is played by Satyadev Kancharana alongside the actress Samyukta Hornad. While locked can be seen as dark thriller but you can very will add on the aspect of psychological thriller ,a crimme thriller and mix of roller coaster of emotions.

Auto Shankar (2023)

A poster of Auto Shankar, A South Indian web series

Auto Shankar is a crime-thriller web series in Zee5, based on a gangster who has made it unbearable to live in Madras during the 80s.The story has multiple emotions of betrayal, revenge, deceit and lust. The web series is directed by Ranga. The episode begins with Shankar the ruthless criminal who is about to be hanged for his crimes. It shows his journey from a normal auto driver to a criminal who took violence to the most horrific stage.

Finger Tip (2022)

A poster of Finger Tip a South Indian web series

Finger Tip is another binger worth South Indian web series showing the digital crimes of some predators. The director and writer of Finger Tip is Shivakar Srinivasan. This technological thriller shows that sometimes the grass cannot be greener on the other side . It portrays various hazards which are lying on the darker side of the digital world. This binge worth thriller also educates and creates awareness on various Cyber crimes which are untold of.

Mathagam (2023)

A poster of South Indian thriller web series " Mathagam"

Mathagam is a South Indian crime thriller which has tons of suspense included in it. It portrays various complex emotions of gagsters and cops. A very well put good versus evil to ensure justice always prevails.The story starts of with an IPS officer who takes on a crime syndicate that is led by a notorious criminal in this intriguing South Indian web series which is available on Hotstar.

Vandhandhi: The Fable of Velonie (2022)

A poster of Vandhandhi a web series based on crime thriller

Vandhandhi is a mystery crime thriller where the three characters a dishonest journalist, a possessive cop and a novel writer engulf them self in the case of a murder of young girl. The three characters try to solve the case from their own point of view. The creator of Vandhandhi is by the famous duo Pushkar-Gayathri who have also created the well known thriller Suzhal: The Vortex. If you feel you are trying to find a thriller with plenty of suspense then this is must watch web series.

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