10 Amazing things to do In Tirthan Valley Himachal

Things to do in Tirthan valley
The River of Tirthan valley (image via: Wikimedia Commons)

Looking for an undiscovered landscape in Himachal Pradesh? Well, don’t look any further, today we are going to discuss about the hidden gem known as Tirthan Valley nestled in the gorgeous landscape of Himachal Pradesh. This place is a haven for nature lovers and adventures seeks alike, making it a journey not to be missed by any person. Without trying to bore you any further, lets take you a quick listicle of 10 amazing things to do in Tirthan Valley, Himachal Pradesh.

1. Crossing the Tirthan River

If you didn’t know this, let us tell you a quick fun fact. The Tirthan valley is named after River Tirthan which flows through the valley thus giving it the name. Crossing the Tirthan River is one of the most exciting activities travelers look forward to, when traveling to the valley. This is undoubtedly one of the most exhilarating activities in Tirthan Valley as individuals cross the icy-cold River Tirthan.

Imagine sliding from one point to another, harnessed for safety, while feeling the spray of the turbulent river that flows right beneath you. Adrenaline rushes through your veins as you conquer the currents. Remember to follow the instructors’ guidelines and respect the undercurrents. This adventure is located at a mere 15 Km distance, awaiting the crazy adreneline folks.

2. Trekking at the Great Himalayan National Park

A beautiful view from the Great Himalayan National park in Tirthan Valley
The Great Himalayan National park

The Great Himalayan National Park is one of the most blissful location for nature lovers and trekkers. The GNHP is located in the Banjar sub-division of Kullu district covering an expansive area of 1171 square kilometers and is situated at a height of 1500 meters to 6000 meters above sea level. The national park became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in June 2014 marking its outstanding significance to biodiversity conservation.

Verdant forests, blooming flowers, and meandering streams create a magical backdrop. Embark on half-day, full-day, overnight, or multi-day treks, guided by experts. Pack warm clothes and rain gear, and let the wilderness embrace you. The park is a gateway to being close to nature in its purest form.

3. Rock Climbing for adventurers

Another best thing to do in Tirthan Valley is rock climbing, it is a sought after place by climbers who want to feel the rugged terrain beneath your fingertips as you scale rocky cliffs in the valley. Rock Climbing is an activity that tests your stamina, agility and strength at the same time making it one of the most thrilling adventurer. Do not worry about your skill set as the valley offers various routes that is suited to your skill, allowing to embark on an expedition and conquer the heights which allow to savor the panoramic views of the magnificent Himalayan range.

4. Fishing in the River Tirthan

A trout in the river Tirthan
A river trout

It would be wrong to ignore the great river Tirthan flowing through the valley. For those seeking a much more relaxed activity while enjoying the blissful view of the valley, fishing is the bullseye. Cast your line into the crystal-clear waters and wait for the beautiful and elusive trout to bite. Sit and relax while listening to the cascading river that flows against the tiny rocks situated in the river, creating a soul touching environment for you. Whether you are advanced or a novice, this fishing activity is sure to connect you soul with nature.

5. Bird Watching in the Valley

The Tirthan valley is renowned for its biodiversity, and is home to one of the famous birds known as Western tragopan. Hold your binoculars and explore the lush forest surrounding the valley. The valley include various bird species such as Red-headed Bullfinches, Pink-browed rose finch, Black-throated tit, Fire fronted Serin, Spotted Forktail, Crested King Fishers, and Asian Paradise Flycatchers.

6. Camping at Tirthan Valley

Tents put up in the slope of Tirthan Valley
Camping in Tirthan valley

Time to relax and put up your tent amidst the star-studded skies and whispering pines. Camping in Tirthan Valley, allows you to enjoy the nature far from the busy city life and polluted air. Sharing ghost stories at night and enjoying your marshmallows on the bonfire hits the right spot for any traveler hoping for a relaxing time while rejuvenating your spirit. Waking up to the song of the birds and another day filled with adventure and laughter is what it’s all about in the valley.

7. Visit the Chhoie Waterfall

Chhoie Waterfall is one of the hidden waterfalls that many don’t know about it, and visiting is definitely worth your time. This beautiful waterfall has been attracting many tourists and travelers from all around the world. One of the best part of visiting this waterfall is the trek to the waterfall that adds on to the experience of the journey.

The trek usually takes an hour to reach the waterfall which is from Gushaini to Nagini. The Chhoie Waterfall is a natural wonder which is named after the local deity “Chhoie Mata” whom the resident worship especially during local rituals and festivals. If you are visiting Tirthan valley make sure to visit the waterfall as its popularity over the years has not reduced its vibrant nature.

8. The beautiful Serolsar Lake

Don’t forget to add Serolsar Lake in your travel list. The lake is surrounded by Dense forrest and tall pines adding to its allure. The lake is situated at a height of 3100 meters above sea level. The trek to Serolsar Lake is very easy and can be even done without the help of a traveling guide as the place is well marked. Travelers may also encounter animals such as leopards and Himalayan Black Bear while visiting the serene Serolsar Lake.

9. Glimpse of the Historical Raghupur Fort

Another awe-inspiring destination is the Raghupur Fort that is a witness to plethora of history. The trek to Raghupur Fort starts from Jalori Pass is 3 kilometers, which can take you about an hour and a half to reach this historical site. The Raghupur Fort was built by Mandi rulers and was used as a line of defense against enemies by installing archers and guards atop the fort. the beautiful 360 degree view allows you to see Shimla on one side and Kullu Manali on the other. Along with other mountain ranges such as Pir Panjal range to Churadar and Pin Parvati to Dhauladhar.

10. Pay homage to Shringa Rishi Temple

Shringa Rishi Temple is a holy temple located in the district of Kullu. The local resdients pray to a local deity named Rishi Shringa that looks after the valley and its nature and blesses it with tranquility. The Tirthan Valley is known to be originally a meditation site for saints. the Shringa Rishi is one of the eighteen chief deities of the Kullu Valley that looks after its people. The Shringa Rishi Temple is closed during winters but often visited by devotees during the rest of the year.

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